Mainstreaming Global Environmental Priorities into National Policies & Programs (Vanuatu CB2/CCCD Project)

CB2-CCCD Project Information

Objective To strengthen Vanuatu's capacities to meet national and global environmental commitments through improved management of environmental data and information.

Goal: To provide leaders and decision-makers in the government and also on the community level, with the relevant information needed to take appropriate action and to make informed decisions regarding the environment and sustainable resource management in Vanuatu.

Duration 3 Years

Project Importance (Vanuatu Government & Local Communities)

  • Provide better environmental information in Vanuatu in meeting the National and International reporting obligations (Treaties/Policies)
  • Timely response to address this national priorities particularly when considering the emerging issues due to global climate change
  • The possibility to monitor and record environmental data will be useful to respond to threats including negative impacts of global climate change on the local environment, which is the basis of livelihoods, human health and economy in Vanuatu.
  • Improve community capacities to effectively plan and implement, enhanced natural resource management, biodiversity conservation, climate change adaptation and mitigation, and disaster risk reduction are also strengthened

Importance of Stakeholders Engagement

  • Environmental data/information sharing
  • Capacity development in data collection, analyses, dissemination, monitoring & evaluation
  • Planning & implementation of the project

Project Overview

This project will assist the DEPC in:

  • environmental data collection
  • environmental data analyses
  • dissemination strategies
  • development of an environmental data management policy
  • development of a data mou
  • development of a centralised management information system
  • planning, monitoring & evaluation of environmental related policies

This project has three main outcomes:

  • Outcome 1 - Improved management information system to measure achievements towards global environmental objectives
  • Outcome 2 - Strengthened individual capacities to monitor and evaluate impacts and trends on the global environment. [State of Environment Report]
  • Outcome 3 - Improved decision-making mechanisms for the global environment institutionalized

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PMB 9063, Port Vila
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