Biodiversity & Conservation


Protect and conserve natural resources, biodiversity and significant species and their ecosystems for everyone. Be alert and prepared for climate change adaptation and mitigation.


Our Land, Ecosystems, Habitats and Species are our Life. Protect Them!


  • To encourage and support sustainable resource management and conservation
  • To work toward 'Sustainable Development'
  • To protect the indigenous biological knowledge
  • Reduce threats to Vanuatu's Biodiversity
  • Manage and protect endangered species and places that are under threat


  • To encourage and support biodiversity conservation and sustainable management.
  • To work towards a national protected/conservation area management system.
  • To protect and conserve national and international significant ecosystems and species of Vanuatu.
  • To support and strengthen the traditional resource management systems.
  • To support local communities participation in conservation
  • To ensure that the communities equally shares the benefits arising from researches.
  • To control, manage and eradicate invasive species.
  • To support and establish implementation of biodiversity conservation and climate change adaptation & mitigation related initiatives and projects.
  • To establish and manage national environment registry (CCA, fauna and flora).
  • To document and protect traditional resource management and conservation practices/ systems.
  • To work with relevant sectors to promote conservation of agro-biodiversity

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Port Vila Office

Ministry of Climate Change Adaptation,
Meteorology & Geo-Hazards, Environment,
Energy and Disaster Management compound, Nambatu
PMB 9063, Port Vila
Phone: (678) 25302 | 33430

Luganville Office

Sanma Provincial Government Council,
PMB 239,

Location of DEPC Office

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