Provincial Outreach

The Department of environmental Protection and Conservation (DEPC) has 6 main Divisions: Biodiversity and Conservation; Environmental Planning and Impact Assessment: Provincial Outreach, Information and Communication (POIC); Environmental Protection; Enforcement and Compliance; Finance, Administration & Support Services.

The Division of Provincial Outreach, Information and Communication (POIC) looks after DEPC’s environment extension programmes and services. Currently, there are six extension positions which are structured under the Division of POIC, representing the six provinces of Vanuatu. The Environment Extension Officers will represent DEPC at the provincial level. Their responsibility will cut across Divisions, including other sectors of the Government.

Mission statement:

Work with the six provincial governments, area administrators, chiefs, communities, women, men, and youth to implement the Department’s environment extension services.


  1. To develop and expand the Department’s extension services to the six provinces
  2. To help implement the Vanuatu Government’s decentralization policy
  3. To provide environmental information and awareness to the people of Vanuatu
  4. To develop and disseminate information and resources materials to the schools, communities and the general public.
  5. To work with the media, schools, provinces, and the general public to help promote the sustainable use and management of our natural resources and environment.

The Environment Extension officer’s position are structured under the Division of Provincial Outreach, Information and Communication.

Provincial Outreach Divisional Structure

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