The main function of the Environmental Planning and Impact Assessment Division is to manage Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) in Vanuatu.

As part of implementing Part 3 of the Environmental Protection and Conservation Act [CAP 283] the Division’s responsibilities are to:

  • Facilitate EIA - from the application stage to the granting or refusal of Environmental Permits
  • Screen and review applications for Environmental Permits applications, undertaking Preliminary Environmental Assessments (PEAs) and visiting project sites
  • Develop Terms of Reference for EIA reports
  • Organise the review of EIA reports and Environmental Management and Monitoring Plans by an EIA Review Committee (the Committee)
  • Prepare Committee meeting minutes and reports of the Committee
  • Develop Environmental Permit conditions
  • Work with the Compliance Officer to monitor and enforce Environmental Permits and the Environmental Protection and Conservation Act [CAP 283].

By administering EIA, the Division seeks to promote better management and protection of the natural environment – effective planning, implementation and enforcement of the DEPC’s environmental frameworks will help to ensure clean, resilient and sustainable use of the natural resources for the citizens of Vanuatu.